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Need An Office?

Nanack Inc, Pikeville, Kentucky’s self-storage

Call us Today (606) 432-5536 

Need An Office?

Nanack Inc, Pikeville, Kentucky’s self-storage

Call us Today (606) 432-5536

Nanack Inc. in Pikeville, Kentucky is a company you need to contact if you are looking for office space.

For you to run your business well, you should look for office spaces where the employee can work well. Some of the factors you should take into consideration before you decide to rent a given space include its size.

Office Space For Rent:

Reception area (or can be used for the main office) with 2 additional office spaces and 1bathroom.

Also included is 950 Sq.Ft. Warehouse and outside storage space. Utilities (Electric, water, sewer & garbage) are included. Security system on the property, locked mailbox included.

Located 1000 Ft. off of US 23 North (Nanack, Inc. Cowpen Road).

$1,250.00 per month. Contact: (606) 432-5536 (Cynthia) or (904) 556-2658 (Cynthia).

Nanack Office Space Rental

Why should you rent office space from us?

Spacious Office Space for Rent

If your business needs a lot of space for you to achieve the best in your operations, then you need to get in touch with Nanack Inc. the company has experts who will discuss with you.

Affordable Office Space for Rent

It is necessary to check on the prices of the office space so that you can make the right decision in your budgeting. The office space available at the company is priced at fair prices.

You will save money for you to grow your business among other uses in your organization. In most cases, the cost of the office spaces will be determined by the size.

But, at Nanack Inc. in Pikeville, Kentucky you are assured value for your money. There are no hidden charges. The quotes you will access from the company will be the only money you will have to pay.

Office Space Rentals

Convenient office space renting services

You don’t have to walk up and down for you to access the office spaces. You can give us a call and we will arrange with you on how to get an office space.

And yes, in case you were wondering the office even has a bathroom

Office Bathroom

Friendly customer support

You should check on the customer support of the company you are about to rent office space. If there is an issue with your office space and you will like to access help from the management, then you can rely on the company to access help 24/7. You can call our contact numbers on any given day for you to access quick help at any given time.

Over 30 years of experience

When working with a company with enough experience, you are assured of great success in your search for the best office space. The company has highly experienced experts in the field of real estate.

You can call them at any given time and you can access the right help you need to set up an office space. Even if we don’t have office space which you will prefer using, we can refer you to other industry leaders so that you can locate the best space where you can enjoy running your business.

Nanack Inc. storage services

Apart from office spaces, you can as well access quality storage facilities at Nanack Inc. in Pikeville, Kentucky. The company has storage facilities of different sizes.

It is upon you to compare different storage facilities available at the company for you to decide on the best. The booking process is very easy; you can follow simple steps and preserve a facility online.

Contact us

Contact: (606) 432-5536 (Cynthia) or (904) 556-2658 (Cynthia).

The property is located 1000 Ft. off of US 23 North (Nanack, Inc. Cowpen Road).

$1,250.00 per month